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Industry Focus
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Pan Asia has developed a deep understanding of business and technology needs garnered by working with clients across different industry verticals. Numerous clients from a myriad array of industries have benefited by engaging with Pan Asia and leveraging our in-depth industry experience and knowledge.

A few of the industry domains where we have built our expertise are as below:

The success of IT Services and services companies is reliant on quick and efficient delivery of IT solutions, largely driven by knowledge workers. We understand the needs of this industry and are able to immensely help such clients leverage our expertise in building their own businesses.

The BFSI sector relies largely on high quality business solutions and is a much matured outsourcing industry. With our service offerings and expertise, coupled with multiple delivery models, we are well positioned to cater to this sector.

Telecom is one of the largest and the fastest growing industry sector worldwide. This industry vertical requires highly qualified manpower who can deploy complex telecom infrastructure and telecom software solutions in a fast paced environment. We have some unique offerings for this sector which you are welcome to explore.

APAC is a hub of electronics and hi-tech industries, with countries like Singapore, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Indonesia garnering majority of the world's investments in this sector. If you are from this industry do contact us for a discussion on how we can help your business prosper.

Manufacturing and logistics largely need to go hand in hand. We understand the solutions needed for these sectors, like ERP, SCM, CRM, CAD/CAM, etc., and are experienced in catering to this business segment. With our expertise, we will be sure to help you. Please reach our sales team to discuss further.