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Delivery Model
managed service

Pan Asia offers its clients the flexibility to choose from different delivery models and devise an outsourcing strategy that matches their business outcomes.

Our delivery models are tailored based on factors such as expected levels of service, business criticality of the infrastructure to be managed, and scale of the engagement

We offer our clients the following delivery options

Best method to start an engagement
Can also be used for mission-critical systems with stringent SLAs
Project resources are deployed onsite for dedicated delivery as per SLAs
Delivery shall be in full control and responsibility of client

Extended level of engagement
Optimum onsite-offshore ratio is determined after an offshore-ability study
Project resources are deployed both onsite and offshore with end-to-end responsibility for delivering committed services.
SLAs are well defined and adhered to accordingly
Moderate cost savings while simultaneously providing high quality services

Fully matured relationship and engagement
Perform fixed cost project activities from offshore
Can also be used for non-mission critical systems where SLA's and deliverables are clearly defined
Minimal onsite presence required for coordination and project management
Delivery shall be our responsibility
Maximum cost savings for client